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Simple operation. The core of our sales operation is the website where we provide comprehensive one stop portal to buy new and used cars of almost any make and manufacture.

Profitable opportunity. We have operated with substantial profits for a number of years, providing you an excellent and fully tested franchise opportunity. The concept of our sales portal, our tools and back office systems have been carefully developed and refined over several years.

Work from anywhere. You can work from any internet connected computer anywhere in the world. Combine your sales and management skills with our business model to build a successful business.

Joint effort. The franchise system is based on a joint effort. You are responsible for responding and communicating with customers in your territory through phone or email. We are responsible for the network and back office systems. We provide technology and functionality to match your customer requirements. We ensure vehicles are thoroughly checked and they arrive safely to your customers. We are responsible for developing and positioning the brand name both nationally and internationally which helps strengthen your business, your market position and our purchasing power.

Who is suitable? Work alone, with family or build a small team of employees. Home or office based. Experience shows that women have just as much potential in this business as men.

  • Entrepreneurial personalities seeking to maximize profits.
  • Sales professionals wanting to go independent.
  • Car dealers seeking to capture a new market segment.
  • Financial service providers wanting to diversify.
  • Investors interested in a new business.
  • Couples looking to work together in their own business.
  • You – looking to gain from a successful business concept.
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Details zum System
Firma: Islandus Europe ehf.
Branche: Internet car buying service
Gründungsjahr: 2008
Partnerbetriebe: k.A.
Eigenbetriebe: k.A.
Eigenkapital: ca. 59.000 €
Nationaler Verband: Nein
Systemart: Franchise System
Vertragslaufzeit: k.A.